Demo State

This particular article can be used for creating State/Category/City entry pages when using modular design. All you need to do is copy this article in as many copies as you like and Change the title so it becomes Your city or Category title. do not forget to delete the Alias text so when you save the new title the text will resemble the page title in the url. You can also Type New York for example and use the alias to type new-york-escorts so your URL becomes very relevant to escorts in New York even thou your Title isnt using the exact word.You can insert some relevant or intro text here and add bold tags to the keywords you want search engines to noctice. Dont over do it but do give something else than the standard text provided above and bellow every image to avoid keyword stuffing.

When using the modular page design you do get a lot more freedom because you can configure modules to display differently on every page and by adding loadposition 13,14, 15 etc you can also configure modules so that module in position 12 displays only featured ad's for instance and module in position 13 bellow it can display latest ad's and so on. You also gain significant advantage of being able to add text such as this at the bottom of your page which can be made relevant and thus interesting for search engine robots to read :)